Lay Institute Program

CTH has developed a program for training people who are not seeking Holy Orders but who want to learn more than is generallly possible in a church setting. The Lay Institute offers separate, shorter courses specially prepared by our faculty for lay training on the same or similar topics covered in our curriculum. These courses of study are typically one hour to one and one-half hours one evening a week for ten weeks. Also, regular seminary courses may be audited and applied to the Lay Institute Program.

Lay Institute students attend these special classes, participate in discussions, and may take home handouts, all without having to do the classwork, including final paper, required of students taking a course for credit. There is no requirement regarding grades, attendance, or deadlines. The Lay Institute student can much profit from these special lectures and class interaction. Lay Institute students pay $150 per course.


Program Benefits

The Lay Institute provides students with the following advantages:

  • A greater knowledge of God’s Word
  • Biblical tools for improving family relationships
  • Increased effectiveness as a lay leader or Sunday School teacher
  • Confidence in presenting the Gospel
  • Reponses to cultural resistance to Christ
  • Answers to liberal arguments against such truths as the Virgin Birth, miracles, and the infallibility of the Scriptures