Course Descriptions: Department of Church History

Department Head:
The Rev. Dr. Charles Erlandson

The Department of Church History consists of general history courses designed to lay a proper historical foundation for interpreting the Scriptures and for an understanding of the history of Christianity from the first century to the present.

General History Division

CH 501 Patristic Church History: Introductory survey and analysis of the development of the early Christian Church covering the patristic era from the sub-apostolic age through the Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene fathers.

CH 601 Medieval: Survey of the continuing development of the Church from the patristic period into the Middle Ages. Philosophical and theological controversies will also be examined, along with early reform movements in the years leading up to the Reformation.

CH 701 Reformation and Modern: Particular focus is placed on the life and work of Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and Cranmer, as well as events leading up to the Reformation. The Modern aspect is from the Reformation to today, especially covering contemporary theology and its tendencies toward heresy.


CTH Graduation 2015
2015 Graduates Fr. Damien Grout (M.Div.), Bishop Sam Seamans (Th.M.) pictured with Bishop Sutton,
CTH President and Academic Dean

Lay Institute Course Memphs Fall 2014

Lay Institute Course on Christology
Fall 2014, Memphis, TN Campus
Taught by The Rev. Dr. Curtis Crenshaw