Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R)

Note: Information for the M.A.R. - Deaconess Studies is available at this link.

The two-year Master of Arts in Religion is designed specifically for the student who seeks ministry in the Church but does not necessarily seek Holy Orders, though the program may satisfy the Holy Orders requirements of some denominations.


The M.A.R. is a two-year degree program requiring 67 credit hours, inclusive of 12 hours of elective coursework. The required courses are listed in the column at right, and their descriptions are found at the links provided for each department. Worship and spiritual formation is also required for those pursuing the M.A.R. whether to be ordained as a perpetual deacon, to be set apart as a deaconess, or for those who intend to pursue the M.Div.

Third-Year Option

Qualifying students who, due to the lack of a prior undergraduate degree, were initially accepted into the two-year M.A.R. program rather than the three-year M.Div. may apply for the M.Div. program at the conclusion of their second full year of study. Acceptance is dependent upon, but not limited to, the student’s achievement of a GPA of at least 3.0 or “B” (according to a 4.0 point grading system) at the conclusion of the second year.








Course Requirements

Biblical Studies - View Course Descriptionsspacer

Old TestamentBiblical Studies
OT Introduction Biblical Covenant
New TestamentEnglish Bible Survey 1 OT
NT IntroductionEnglish Bible Survey 2 NT

Church History - View Course Descriptions

PatristicReformation and Modern

Dogmatic Theology & Liturgics
View Course Descriptionsspacer

Dogmatic TheologyLiturgical Studies
Doctrine God & Christ Liturgics
Doc. Man, Sin, Salvation 
Doc. Church/Sacraments Philosophy of Religion
Thirty-Nine Articles Moral Theology OR

Pastoral Theology - View Course Descriptions

SpiritualityCure of Souls

Elective Courses (minimum of 12 credits)

PentateuchCatholic Epistles
Historical BooksMedieval Church History
OT PoetsHomiletics
OT ProphetsMarriage & Family
Exod/Lev/Heb Evangelism & Mission
Acts & Pauline Epistles
Canon Law/Parish
Eschatology &
        Book of Revelation
Greek 1-3
Hebrew 1-3
Biblical Studies Methods