Master of Divinity (M.Div)

The three-year Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is the cornerstone of CTH. This program prepares students for Holy Orders with courses of study in four departments: Biblical Studies, Church History, Dogmatic Theology & Liturgics, and Pastoral Theology.

More than a third of the program is concentrated in the area of Holy Scripture. In order for students to carry out their Holy Orders requirements to preach the Word of God, they must know the Scriptures. This is why study of the Scriptures in their original languages is deemed necessary. In addition to introductory courses on history, background, and hermeneutics, students receive training in all of the books of the Old and New Testaments.


The M.Div. requires 133 credit hours. The required courses are listed in the column at right, and their descriptions are found at the links provided for each department. Worship and spiritual formation is also required for those pursuing the M.Div.












Course Requirements

Biblical Studies - View Course Descriptions

Old Testament New Testament
OT Introduction NT Introduction
Pentateuch Gospels
Historical Books Acts & Pauline Epistles
OT Poets Catholic Epistles
OT Prophets
Eschatology &
Book of Revelation
  Biblical Studies
Biblical Languages Biblical Covenant
Greek 1-3 Scripture/Hermeneutics
Hebrew 1-3 English Bible Survey 1 OT
  English Bible Survey 2 NT

Church History - View Course Descriptions

Patristic Reformation and Modern
Medieval Anglicanism

Dogmatic Theology & Liturgics
View Course Descriptions

Dogmatic Theology Liturgical Studies
Doctrine: Liturgics
    God & Christ
    Man, Sin, Salvation
    Church & Sacraments
Liturgical Practice
Homiletics Practice
Thirty-Nine Articles  
  Philosophy of Religion
  Moral Theology

Pastoral Theology - View Course Descriptions

Spirituality Evangelism & Mission
Cure of Souls
Marriage & Family
Canon Law/Parish
  Senior Internship